美国华盛顿特区水务局高级工程师 张建祺教授学术讲座

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565net亚洲必嬴近期计划邀请美国华盛顿特区水务局高级工程师张建祺教授,面向全校师生做 Digital Watershed(数字流域)方面的学术讲座。具体安排如下:

报告题目:Digital Watershed(数字流域)

报告摘要: The watershed is degraded but improving and poised for further advancement. Innovative modeling and monitoring techniques offer opportunities to demonstrate the impact of current and future management actions on water quality. In this presentation, these opportunities and management actions for considering digital watershed in the potential future projects will be discussed.

报告人 :张建祺 教授

报告时间:12月25日 10:00-11:00

报告地点:信息楼 A306会议室



地址: 大连海事大学电航楼